07 August 2012

Aug 7th Nifty fut update

Aug 7th Nifty fut update: 

                                         Possibility of U turn for nifty future 5334-5344   & 5360-5370
                     *5305(correction made)
Go Short near 5297 holding below or go short above 5340 & add at 5360 keep SL of 5377 trg 5332-5305

 those in buy taken at 5306-5311 may close at 5326 trade safe
                                                                    Posted 10.55AM
Bank nifty future ?? uh has hurdle too around 10645-10660 go short with Stop of 10685 target 100-200pts(positional)
                                                                                                                            Posted 11.15AM

Markets making new high shorts entering into market from 5343-5345 level... nifty future cmp 5341 
Note: please donot enter shorts all at once enter 30% every 12 points from now ie 5343-5355-5366 you know the stop loss target 5312-5295-5282
                                                                                                                            Posted 11.15AM
Our All calls activated  bank nifty sold at 10645 ,Waiting for 200points gain & nifty future sell avg active at 5254.7 we are holding for said targets 


  1. when did u give these calls.. i was watching whole day yesterday...

    1. i hope at least you have entered today same levels

  2. yesteraday it self man... today also same levels active

  3. yes ratnakar your right i had a problem too but after refresh of page i could see .
    i thnk v need to refrsh website then only we can see

  4. look s like , refresh page.. that too clicking on the main title.. if by chance u r in previous day page.. n keep refreshing.. then nothing ll be available... i must ve caught up in something similar yesterday... thanx krish n DIG.. group,..