06 August 2012

Aug 6th Nifty future

Aug 6th Nifty future
Sell nifty future near 5310-5311
we has yesterday shorts at 5242 told to short small quantity now add 3 times quantity of yesterday's at 5310-5311 Sl 5325 avg is 5293  Targets later will update
those who haven't shorted yesterday just short at 5310-5311 SL 5325  targets later will update

Bank nifty future : now go short with bank nifty future small quantity  at 10528-10533 Stop 10556 Targets will be updated later

not triggerd
bank nifty modify level shorts near 10555-10558  SL 10582

You may go with 5309 sell also.. and bank nifty 10550 sell
                                                                              posted at 2.56pm

UPDATE : we sold at 5308-5309 now avg sell is 5291.5  Target is new low ie below 5278 (intraday only ) after 3.15 trail SL to 5302 
 those who wanna exit may exit at 5295-5296 loss of 5points no issues we covered enough  
                                                                                                                                        posted at 3.06pm
Buy 5200PE at 43.5 250qty
We are holding 5200PE 250qty at 43.5 for BTST
                                                                                                                                       posted at 3.28pm


  1. one may enter buy also cmp 10516 bank nifty and exit at 10555

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