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We deliver excellence only based on Technical Analysis

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We deliver excellence only based on Technical Analysis

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We deliver excellence only based on Technical Analysis

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25 November 2013

DEC nifty futures -dated 25 /07/2015


17 May 2013

Nifty futures STBT time 1.35pm date 17/07/2015

here was our previous call. no1 can be so accurate with seconds like us now nifty futures

Now wat to do with nifty?
SEll nifty around 6179-6199 SL 6212 Trg 6136-6116 hold this till monday today or monday we see fall in nifty futures.

11 April 2013

nifty futures 11th Jul 2015

watch 5576-5578 nifty futures would come to this range again ..
short it holding below this for 5min trg 5536-5540
holding above 5580can enter fresh long
one can again buy aroun 5536 holding trg 5560
all the lvls go with 8pts SL
Wish you happy ugadi.
happy trading

Red alert updated at 11.33am
please buy nifty futures around 5560-5564 SL 5548 Trg 5590-5610 
buy infy 2500PE at 14-16 SL 0 trg 140-200 (jackpot call risk of 2000rs )

09 April 2013

Positional nifty futures call

buy near  5490-5480 SL 20pts ..
Trg 5549-5553

20 March 2013

buy 5800 call at 25-14rs

positional call : buy 5800 call at 25-14rs  trg 45- 50

12 March 2013

MArket view for 12-15

Nifty future view from 12-15th
one may start buying near 5940-5945 keeping 10pts SL and trade if your are a option trader then buy 6000calls in steps
any dip near 5910 should be used to buy only holding below 5900 think of bear market
Market is expected to go upto  6010-6030

Note : All are future levels 

09 March 2013

Thought of the week

Thought of the week

04 March 2013

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25 February 2013

Buy near 5804-5810 SL 5800 . trg 5855-5876. choice is urs........

 Buy near 5804-5810 SL 5800 . trg 5855-5876. choice is urs........

lets buy Sbin options

lets buy Sbin options please dnt invest more then 5000rs at a time we are buying in 2 steps
Buying Stage 1 :
Step 1 : Buy sbin below 40 only
Step 2: buy sbin below 32 only
SL 24 Trg 68- 88

Active call

20 February 2013

nifty futures

Nifty Future Analysis monday 07-08-2012
buy nifty futures near 5938 & 5910 SL 5896
Trg 5990-6005

Note : enter only if the range comes on said dates

21st and @22nd sbin futures

21st and @22nd sbin futures
Postman to turn banker in rural areas
Buy Sbin near 2240-2246 SL 2233 Trg 2286 -2310-2322-2340
get ready for bull run
our previous calls buy near 2212-2215 trg was 2275 and 2290-2310 which was hit done ..
now wait for the above call ot be active 

14 February 2013

nifty futures

nifty futures for 15th-16th JUL
Sell nifty futures near 5910-5920SL 5936
Trg 5820-5830...

2 closings below 5910 will 100% lead to target

Note : enter only if the range comes on said dates

13 February 2013

book profits @nifty futures buy done at 5915

book profits @nifty futures buy done at 5915
cmp 5977 book 75% profits hold SL at 5930 rest 25% shares


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12 February 2013

nifty future update

we once again rocked from 6015 we shorted and told to book today morning and again told to buy with trg of 5982 which was hit today
now for tomm again
Lets start buying below 5929 & again around 5896 SL 5878 trg 5990-6015------------------
here was our call posted on 8th

Avg is 5915.. book 25% shares around 5940-5945  rest 25% around 5960 bal around at trg 
Trail SL to 5900

07 February 2013

nifty fut

we once again rocked from 6015 we shorted and told to book today morning and again told to buy with trg of 5982 which was hit today
now for tomm again
Lets start buying below 5929 & again around 5896 SL 5878 trg 5990-6015

06 February 2013

nifty future feb

we sold positionally below 6015.. tomm book profits and close the sell call..
now time to go long
SL 5942 fut ..
buying range 5947-5957

31 January 2013

nifty futu feb

 if u see market tomm around 6075-6065 SL 6088(intraday only ) trg 6046
Buy nifty futures around 6018-6024 and again around 6036-6042 Sl 6010 Trg 6096-6111 
break of 6015 and holding below it will press panic button...break below 6015 just sell it no SL needed will update when to cover
untill then wait for trend   

21 January 2013

holding shorts still

Hi we shorted at 6034 exited at 5990-6000 and again shorts avg at 6064 exited half at 6000 lvls ie near 6005 we exited previous 2 days ago, again shorted in range of 6070-6094 as said...now still holding with SL of 6099 as fixed we are still in shortholding from 2 days.. now..
already booked 100+pts profit in this trades only
Last word to say hold the short 50% and rest 50% exit at cost wat ever price u shorted at if shorted at 6094.. then cmp 6078 is best price to exit... we have been minting money doing nothing ...in this boring trades too.... waiting for market to zoom from next week of JAN

16 January 2013

we are on selling side

nifty futures sold at 6034 again at 6069 again at 6090 SL 6099
avg selling at  6064.3 we will exit wat ever shares we sold at 6090 at 6048-6050 only

08 January 2013

we posted long long back look at the time and date SBi was SL hit our group members coverd partial and some trailed SL which was hit we told long back when nifty was 5860 only that market would come to 6012-6038 and every 1 were short and we are short and all are long.we even shorted dlf around 241 futures and still holding them for trg of 231.95 & 234.9 SL 244 50%-75% booked partial profit today.any dip near 5990-6000 cover ur 50% short and short again fresh above 6016 which will give us 25pts benifit. ie 44*50-2250rs per lot

03 January 2013

3June nifty futures

buy near 6032-6029 SL 6018 Trg 6057-6063
Sell near 6057-6063 SL 6074 Trg 6030-6015

28 December 2012

28th june

Sell bank nifty futures near 12550 SL 12583 trg 12490-12440
DEc futures target done
we closed yesteraday our dec futures at 5928-5909 book near trgt

21 December 2012

June 28th

Nifty again in the same range buy on dips any dips below 5860 should be used for buying in steps every 15pts ...SL 5818 trg again 5936
Yesterday we brought Jan futures near 2350-2360  with trg of 2401 & 2423 as trgs.. first target was 100% hit second was missd by few points

       now its time again to buy near 2358-2368 Dec futures SL 2345 trg 2400-2410  again short at high around 2425-2440 if you get intraday.with stop of 2455 Trg 2379

We dont have to repeat 100times same thing same range. short on highs and buy on tips 
here is the range for shorting 5950-5960 lower buying range already given only for intraday

T+1day positonal Pvt point 5937 get ready for 5937-75 = 5862 or
 5937+75= 6012 get ready for the move .Clue for you. more update in our facebook and in yahoo

19 December 2012

DEC futures

RAGE IS 5800-6000 as said. every high is a short ,CRR rate no change was already in insider news. people have minted money. out of 3 trades we lost 10pts in 1 trade and made huge in rest 2.
this view is valid till Dec 24th only

postional Jan futures

I dnt have to repeat every time sell JAN futures at 6034 again at 6069 SL 6099 TRG 5855-5745
Sell SBIN Jan futures around 2440-2460 SL 2480 Trg 2280-2240

18 December 2012

News Flash 18th nifty futures

Buy around 5870-5882 SL 5860 Trg 5905
Sell above 5948 -5968 SL 5982 Trg 5911
Sell around 5911 Sl 5920 Trg 5970-5980

13 December 2012

nifty future sell at 5977+ & 5999+ target done today

Target done today 5880