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Our Tips are now free for all

How are we different from others? 

  We dnt want to collect any money for tips we give
In case after earning if you do not want to subscribe us then kindly donate some 15%-20% to orphan age or old age or to cow's or offer it to holy worship.This is just our request.
Let us explain about our modules/Plan -here it goes:-


Forget the past live in future & present that is what we say to our clients .

Reason? Strategies which worked in past may not work in future & present .
past is not your you have no control , live in present and plan for future.

Also remember a golden rule intelligent people fail to earn in market only strategist earn in stock market.

Once you have earned these 15days, drop a  mail with the plan you opt for or  with any queries you have to our     email id : and  we would revert with all our company details . subscribe us ,and we would give you a unique ID. You will  avail SMS/Call and chat service .

Subscriptions Plans:
Now its free for all


Difference between We and others :-

We The DIG Group
Most Other Advisors
We hope that u earn at least 4 to 25 times of the fees paid to us
They are bothered about  how much you pay them
Our maximum charges are 7500rs( with this you get unlimited zero brokerage per month includes account opening too + add 500rs for demat a/c) (freetips+zero brokerage =7500/rs)
Minimum charges are at least  5000rs only for tips
We show you live track record and you can have the levels live  free published always all through weeks
They Show you past record and give you maximum 1-2 days trail or 3 days
We are bothered about providing you proper guidelines & choosing broker with low charges
They are bothered about  which pack you subscribe and how many lots you play
We had trades where the targets were missed by 1.8points-5points and then our Stop was hit ,
Our targets change as per market movement . 87% times our Stop is small.
Their targets are fixed say 25points and they say even if target is missed by 1-2or 4 points they say target achieved ,always Target 1 and Stop is of same points.Average monthly earning is around 75-175points some times it goes negative.
The person whom you talk with has good technical knowledge and trades for thyself too.
The person whom you talk with has no technical knowledge  they are bothered about their salary & targets
We would prepare you to plan a proper system to trade with & follow some rules .
They say blindly follow the call if in case some times Stop hits after 2-3 calls you would be afraid to enter their calls 4th time

For Further Queries you can drop and 
email at or chat with us 
in this link.

Our motto is to help traders earn and at the same time get paid for our work as we have a small staff who is taking care of all postings & other misc. admin works.

Remember : Always have a broker who charges  less, else you would end up paying them all your profits   $ :-)

Note : We are soon stepping into international markets too, and our Forex broker firm will be @  
          USA (Texas).Soon Nifty , Bank nifty , Dow will be our regular scripts which we trade.


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