17 August 2012

17 Aug nifty futures and bank nifty futures

nifty future ,bank nifty futures

1)buy nifty future above 5417 holding SL 5401 5432 5446 
buy bank nifty future above 10682 holding sl 10654 trg 10717 10752

2)Sell nifty future at 5400-5409 SL 5417 Trg 5385 5371  5358  sell in 2 levels here too      (updated)
Sell bank nifty future at 10589-10608 SL 10622 trg 10546- 10509-10486 (sell in 2 levels as gap is big)( call not activated  leave this call)

Buy bank nifty future near 10380-10345 Stop 10315  target 10430 10480-10546 ( call not activated  leave this call)

 Stop loss hit in nifty future loss of 12.5points  now
3)buy nifty future 5416- 5417 holding SL 5405 5439 5466  Activated please exit of this call cmp 5411-5410  loss of 6points please exit 
buy bank nifty future at 10518-10490 SL 10470 trg 10580-10618 -10646( not active untill now please dont enter this )
                                    updated posted 12.45
4) sell nifty future at 5409-5418 SL 5423   
sell bank nifty at 10526-10546 sl 10578 
all target later
                                                                             updated posted 12.46
call already active updated SL                                                                                              updated posted 12.52

serial no 1 not activated serial no 2 SL hit for nifty and bank nifty not activated ,serial no 3 exited with 6points loss in nifty future , bank nifty not active told not to enter 
serial 4     activated    for nifty and bank nifty   both level 1          updated posted 12.52

Targets in nifty future and bank nifty 
nifty future target 5384-5377 
bank nifty future 10436 -10389
updated posted 12.58

Target 1 done in bank nifty book 75% profits here and rest hold profit of 90 points in bank nifty future book at our range and close the call

Trail your Stop to 10496 in bank nifty balance 25% shares
                                                                                                                                        updated posted 1.08pm
nifty future also target 1 done 
updated  1.14pm

Close all calls now bank nifty future 75% shares closed at  target 1 rest 25% holding with stop of 10496(safe may close this also risky may hold )  and nifty future closed at at said level bank nifty future profit of 80-90points .... 

updated  1.20 pm


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