16 August 2012

16th Aug 2012-nifty futures and bank nifty futures

16th Aug 2012-nifty futures and bank nifty futures :

buy nifty future above 5416 holding SL 5401 5432 5446 
buy bank nifty future above 10682 holding sl 10654 trg 10717 10752

Sell nifty future at 5404-5406 SL 5417 Trg 5391 5374  5355 
Sell bank nifty future at 10589-10608 SL 10622 trg 10544- 10513-10487 (sell in 2 levels as gap is big) 
Note: 5387-5393 is huge support for nifty break with volumes can cause big move

Intraday booking done "today avg booking lvl is 74 points profit all 3 targets in bank nifty hit 
today over all volumes are low.
nifty future closed between target 1 and target 2 must have booked 25points atleast .

Our fast and furious bank nifty calls still pending because of the bad movement in market we dnt give any calls we are hoping to see big movements next week provided tommorow also market opens around 5400 


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