08 January 2013

we posted long long back look at the time and date SBi was SL hit our group members coverd partial and some trailed SL which was hit we told long back when nifty was 5860 only that market would come to 6012-6038 and every 1 were short and we are short and all are long.we even shorted dlf around 241 futures and still holding them for trg of 231.95 & 234.9 SL 244 50%-75% booked partial profit today.any dip near 5990-6000 cover ur 50% short and short again fresh above 6016 which will give us 25pts benifit. ie 44*50-2250rs per lot

1 comment:

  1. HOLD shorts.... will wait for trgs profit as of now 44pts(locked ) + 64pts =110pts