06 December 2012

Insider news flow

our news flow like this
Sell above 5977 & again above 5999 SL 6038 trg 5880


  1. exited at 5931 sir got 45pts ie 45000/- added more 10lots for positional at 5968 itself holding those 10lots

  2. great sir made 120000/rs with 20lots positional in nifty wat a call sir i shorted at 5999 10 lots wat a call sir got 40% of my capital

  3. shorted at 5968 and coverd at 5932 sir thought im done...now again got 5999 for short..
    todal made 45000+15000+120000 =1.8Lacs in just 3 days sir with a capital of 3lacs wat a call sir wonderfull and hatsoff to u