22 September 2012

21 sept recovery ..of 60pts

21 sept recovery ..of 60pts
we have to take Pe as follows.
buy oct pe 5400 at 25-26 with SL 22  and also buy sept pe 5600-at 16 with SL 10
if in case for positional u played wtih 4 lots in nifty then take 4X2 =8lots of puts Sept + 8 lots puts Oct.
ratio is 1:2:2 for 1 lot futures buy 2 lot PE sept and 2 lot pe oct
Exit Sept put at trg  24-30.
and save the gains and divert the profit to 55pe Oct at the price you get it and hold positional .complete loss would be recoverd.
we took 8 lots so we are holding 5400pe 16lots and  5600 16lots each.
if 60pts loss in 8lots ie 240pts loss =24000
so when u squre off 5600pe at 25-30 expected profit is 16lots expected profit is 16X14X50=11200
if in case nxt day opening is above 30 then keep SL of 30 and hold .nxt booking level at 38-44 finally.and close sept 5600pe.
and we will hold 5400pe .
we have reversed the trading when the nxt day gap up happend...exited finally with no loss no profit


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