01 August 2012

1st Aug Nifty Advice

1st Aug Nifty future :   

 Hurdle points at 5232-5239 below it market will touch 5216-5206 .go sell it with Stop of 10points around 5239-5240.  please use trailing Stops here

 5263-5264 is upper side huge resistance , above it you may see 5296-5312
so watch the levels here and go with Stop of 10points here if u get it intraday targets would remain as 5239-5224

Our sell call SL hit exit...it was too fast for me to update exit. wait till 5262-5264 and short with 12points stop loss market will make new high 100% now cmp 5249
posted 12.21pm

As said it made a new high, our subscribers have covered loss of 10points  now just brokerage needs to be covered and short call active at 5262 now break & hold below 5250 will bring us desired target, will update if any further change in targets
    posted 12.42pm

book at 5241-5236  completely 21-26points profit please ..close the call...no risk.. again short if 5264 hits with 10pts stop
posted 2.06pm
untill now new low of 5240.2(target done in our lvls) hope enjoyed booking ...
posted 2.18pm               

our third short 5264 is still not active

No more shorts please stay alert
posted 2.42pm               

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  1. Sir,

    What r ur existing subscription plans. Can I expect @ 300 points in nifty practically achievable every month.