25 July 2012

Nifty future for 25th july 2012

25th july 2012 : advice 

 CALL activated  our subscribers took @ 5090.5- 5091 SL 5075
                                                                                                            Posted at 10.47am

Exit call to all viewers and paid clients buy @5090 cmp 5085  sell nifty fut with stop of 5092 target 5070 at 5070 close the call  and  buy again  at 5067 stop 5058   targets are same                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                               Posted at 11.35am


If in case our Stop at 5092 hits above 5096 go long with same targets Stop at 5076
                                                                                                                                                Posted at 11.41am
Today operators trapped us and made us to loose 5+7 =12pts loss
        our paid clients booked 25% shares at 5116 already and waiting for mentioned targets..
                                                                                                       with trailed Stop at cost

                                                                                                                                                          Posted at 1.21pm

                               Closed at 5117 completely out  intraday call closed 
                                                                                                                                                       Posted at 3.23pm


  1. thx sir i got 22 points.. ...booked at 5118

  2. first call i entered at 5088 kept stop and target as you said n went for work after i came i saw 5122 waited for target but again after seeing your msg that your people booked at 5116 even i booked all at 5118 ie 30pts thankyou. first call after 3 months im getting profits in share market kindly help me sir ive lost a lot

  3. just follow us that's all, you would forget losses though loss is a part of stock market. no one is 100% perfect in this market 95% or 90% accuracy is more then enough all calls here are live mentioned with time..we are not like other tip providers who say target just missed by 1point or target almost achieved . according to us its just YES OR NO hit or not that's all . if you people even want to open demat with low brokerage we would help you..
    Management Team